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Oval RacingSHP Motorsport and its founder Sonny Howard achieved early success with short oval racing, preparation and car builds and although the name has changed slightly we still have a connection with organisers, teams and other preparation companies involved in short oval racing.


SHP must be one of the oldest established companies still in National Hot Rod racing and has been a part of the transition from the early MKI Escort and Ford Anglia tin cars to the current trend of Vauxhall Tigra's and Mercedes all being highly sophisticated space frame chassis.


Even with an efficient office and huge archives we have lost count of how many National Hot Rod cars have been produced over the last thirty years or how many drivers we have worked with.


We have built and maintained cars for many of the short oval heroes such as Barry Lee, still a close personal friend of Sonny Howard. There is not enough space on this website to list everyone who has been associated with SHP through the last few decades but without them, we would not be where we are today.


For those who wish to travel the archives path Richard Neil has produced a selection of Short Track books which span decades of short oval racing and are definitely worth buying if anyone wants a trip down memory lane.


Currently SHP has the contract to produce all of the Ludlow Motorsport chassis and associated fabricated components.


2009 will see the introduction of the exciting new Mercedes sports car and with a six month schedule of potential orders already placed, SHP will carry on contributing our wealth of experience to the sport.

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