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SHP Engineering decided "Lets go retro"


RSR EscortThe SHP designed vehicle code name RSR Escort follows original Ford styling but has been extensively modified to refine the body in line with present trends.


The wheel arches expose the radius of the tyres. It has 9" x 15" retro wheels, de-seamed roof rails and no big rear mounted wing or front spoilers but an extensive hidden area package mounted below the sill lines of the chassis makes this variant of a MKI Escort very special.


The difference in the SHP Engineering RSR Escort is not just about the body shell. The GRP body clothes a tubular steel chassis made up of 45 metres of specially selected tube. The suspension and auxiliary mounting points are all an integral part of the chassis. The question always asked when presenting a car to a customer is what engine can be fitted under the bonnet? SHP has the same answer every time: what do you want to fit? The current SHP Engineering car is fitted with a Ford Cosworth 24 valve V6 producing 300 BHP with 300 foot per pound of torque. Although it may not be everybody's choice it is a lot of muscle for a reasonable cost and importantly SHP wished to take the opportunity to showcase the car proving it could accept a large sized engine.


To enable fitment of various engine configurations with ease SHP Engineering have used a double fully adjustable wishbone front suspension system containing a pair of heavy duty front uprights accepting SHP aluminium front hubs suitably designed to accept large bearings and screw fitting dust caps.


RSR EscortThe rear axle is bespoke to the design of the car although it uses a ZF Salisbury G4 centre section. It includes large diameter axle tubes, four link and watts linkage axle location. In principle it follows similar configuration to the works car of forty years ago.


It has coil over shock absorbers on each corner and the facility for being fully adjustable. The top eyes have the ability to adjust the car ride height and it has adjustable front and rear anti roll bars. The SHP RSR Escort will be a joy to play with whether you are an amateur racer or professional race team.


The RSR Escort can be supplied as a turn key product but this is only part of the marketing strategy behind SHP Engineering's concept for the car. The car has been designed to allow anybody the opportunity to self assemble the car whether you have limited experience and want to build it at home or you are a race team with full workshop facilities.


This is a product that has been professionally designed. A production saloon kit car for customers to decide what level of specification they want or what competition they wish to compete in. It can fulfil everybody's dream from a track day car to be driven just for fun, a customer show piece to express your individuality or for the more serious championship contender to win races with.


Can it compete in stage rallies or rally cross? Of course
Can it be used for circuit racing? Most definitely


RSR EscortSHP Engineering are not defining what you can or cannot do with your car. All we request is that once you have purchased it, you have some serious fun.


SHP Engineering's heritage allows us to design a retro model. The skills and abilities of the company and our staff allow us to produce it. The professionalism of the SHP Engineering sales and administration team will enhance the potential of another product produced by SHP, the leaders in automotive engineering.


The past will revolutionise our future.

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