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SHP Engineering is a leading motorsport and automotive special projects engineering company with four decades of experience of delivering national and international automotive and motorsport projects.


Established in 1982 by Sonny Howard who after a short driving career went on to become lead engineer for Team Total Ford with Barry Lee in Hot Rod racing and Rallycross before moving to Blydenstein Engineering running Dealer Team Vauxhall Chevettes for Russel Brookes and Pentti Airikkala in British and World Rally Championship events.


SHP Engineering was then established, initially concentrating on motorsport preparation while at the same time developing a strong reputation for chassis design and production, especially with the creation of space frame chassis and roll cages.


Over the years the business’s reputation has gone from strength to strength undertaking R&D prototype roll cage manufacture for international manufacturers through to building entire grids of race cars for racing series such the Eurocar Championship in the 90s through to T-cars for Juniors and the Pickup Truck series in the 2000’s amongst hundreds of other projects.


SHP continues to be actively involved with short circuit car racing, going back to the original Barry Lee days, with a strong demand for SHP built chassis within Hot Rod racing.


Away from motorsport, SHP’s reputation for fabrication and engineering excellence has seen the business developing vehicles for shows, stunts and OEM Special Vehicle projects and specialist military vehicles along with developing and producing roll cages for fleet customers from mining to other industries.

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