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Within SHP, our engineering department take the lead on car assembly from complete car design, build and development through to more specific work such as suspension geometry analysis. 


With decades of experience within factory competition teams our senior engineers understand what it takes to win and apply that same “aiming for perfection and never be defeated” mentality to all of our customer work.


We have a particular experience of low volume manufacturing with delivering entire grids of race cars for single make championships using custom made bodyshells with in-house designed space frame chassis.

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Away from motorsport our automotive engineering credentials and unique expertise is regularly called upon to undertake specialist projects. These range from engineering OEM vehicles for televised stunt work to building cars for entertainment projects to the prototype manufacture of specialist military vehicles.


Our customers range from individuals to championship organisers to major OEMs and government agencies and our services range from the manufacture of specific components through to complete cars or the full grid of racing cars.


We understand and deliver on the concept that the deadline doesn’t move and the objective with the finished presentation is “perfection”.



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