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The Pickup Truck Racing Championship is unique amongst UK motorsport, first and foremost as it is based on a pickup style format.



Create a Pick-up styled race car for predominantly UK tracks to introduce a new single chassis-controlled formula to the European motorsport arena.


The racing should be cost effective for competitors so the race car itself should be cost effective to buy and operate and the racing should be close and entertaining for drivers and spectators.


Although cost effective the race car should offer the driver a vehicle which is fast enough for even the most experienced of drivers to enjoy.



SHP designed, built and developed an initial prototype vehicle and from there provided a rolling chassis kit to teams which included all bodywork, suspension, braking system etc.


The cars were to be offered with a choice of 230bhp engines but weighing only 900kg and rear wheel drive.



The championship was first launched in 1997 and continues to successfully run today attracting teams and enthusiastic spectators and drivers.


Over 50 of the hand built space frame rolling chassis have been produced with a large number still competing in the current championship.


The pickups have proved to be highly entertaining and from a driving point of view a pleasure to drive and compete in whilst also being ultra reliable and strong.

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