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Top Gear is one of the BBCs success stories with the TV programme being its biggest export property and broadcast throughout the world.


To expand the brand further the BBC in partnership with their show produces established a live arena show to entertain the Top Gear fans throughout the world.



SHP were asked to design & build a version of the iconic stage used by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May on Top Gear, but it must be able to drive at speed and complete doughnuts as part of the live shows


The finished stage was to be a circle shape 4m in diameter but must be built to be transported around the world on trucks and in shipping containers.

"The first donuting stage...   in the World!"

- Jeremy Clarkson



To accommodate the logistical requirements the stage was built in three sections with the centre section containing all the drive system which included a V8 engine and gearbox and an easily removable steering wheel.


The two side sections were designed to stack so all three parts would comfortably fit in a 40ft shipping container or truck.



The stage worked perfectly allowing Jeremy to complete doughnuts with Richard and James on board and the design allowed for easy transformation from three sections during travel to the single stage for shows.

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